The Religious Studies minor requires 18 hours.  At least one course (3 hours) must be from the list of introductory courses in Group 1 of the major checksheet; (RELS 1113, RELS 2403, RELS 2413, ANTH 1823, PHIL 1203, PHIL 2403), plus 15 additional hours. 

At least 9 hours, 3 courses, of the minor (half of the coursework) must be completed at the upper division level, but all remaining 15 hours can be. 

Many Religious Studies courses are approved for General Education credit, including RELS 1113 (WC), RELS 2403 (NWC).  Lower and upper division courses in RELS may be used to satisfy minor requirements AND satisfy lower and upper division General Education  requirements for Colleges all across the university and other major programs in the College of Arts & Sciences.

To see the minor checksheet, click here

For more information about the minor please contact our advisor Ms. Lee Green-Hall.