Faculty and Staff

The Religious Studies Program (RELS) consists of a diverse and collegial group of faculty and professional staff.  The Religious Studies Program is made of internal faculty and faculty in other OU departments whose courses are used for the RELS major and minor. The internal RELS faculty members hold positions within the RELS Program and they teach the courses with the RELS prefix.  These courses represent the general axis of RELS as an academic discipline, including courses introducing the study of religion, methodologies in the academic discipline of Religious Studies, comparative religion, courses in religious traditions not already provided by other departments, and other courses essential to the Program. They are housed in Robertson Hall under the supervision and oversight of the Director, Prof. Charles Kimball.  Since the Religious Studies Program also includes courses from departments across the University (hence the title Program and not department), as well as courses taught by internal faculty, the opportunity to participate in the governance of the Program means that external Core faculty members are faculty who teach courses in their respective home departments, courses that may be used to satisfy requirements in the interdisciplinary RELS major and minor. Together, the internal and external Core faculty comprise the voting members of the RELS faculty and teach the courses used to award the degree. The RELS faculty provides the governing structure and decision-making body guiding the Program's academic mission, under the supervision of the Director, Prof. Charles Kimball. Affiliated faculty members support RELS programs and events. Affiliated faculty members do not vote, but they are eligible to participate in faculty meetings and job talks by prospective RELS faculty members. Faculty

Our staff members are specialists with multiple skills that support the University's and the Program's core mission.  In addition to Program administration and assistance to RELS faculty, they provide support for advising students, maintaining accurate information on current and future courses for use in the major and minor, maintaining the website, and a host of other tasks to support our vision, mission, and ultimately the success of the Program. Our professional staff members consciously endeavor to provide a warm and welcoming environment even as they deal with a vast and growing array of issues and sets of University demands effectively and efficiently. Staff

We present here faculty and staff with profiles for you to see the range of technical and academic skills they bring to the academic study of religion at OU.

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