In Religious Studies (RELS), our approach to advising is simple and straightforward.  Rather than hand a student a list of courses to "choose," advising is an extension of the academic mission: we inform and educate and equip students.  We help students see the big picture, the creative ways to use the 1/3 of the degree that is not General Education and not the RELS major.  There are ways to secure another major, a minor (or two), or a creatively-chosen selection of electives.

We assist students with approaches to their course choices to enhance their experience at OU, in RELS, and in preparation for professions and careers. We advise students every semester, and at 90 hours students are eligible for a degree check with the Arts & Sciences College Counselor assigned to RELS students, Justin Wollenberg.  Justin is the person who will determine, at graduation, if requirements have been met, so a meeting with him at 90 hours will help ensure they are.  And from there two sets of eyes, Lee's and Justin's, along with the student's, will be on the progress towards the degree.  One of our great strengths in RELS is that we avoid unpleasant surprises on the eve of graduation application. Our graduation rate is extremely high.

Our Program Specialist, Rebecca Hall-Davis, tracks constant changes in Ozone and posts an updated list of courses on our website almost daily.  Our courses page is allows students to search for General Education classes, upper division OR lower, by time slot, by instructor . . . there are many tools available to students and we look forward to helping you find them.

Advising for spring semesters begins in mid-October, and for fall and summer semesters in mid-March. 

For an appointment either with Justin, in the College, or with Lee, in RELS, please go to  Remember to see Lee every semester and Justin at 90 hours. 

If you have any questions about RELS advising, contact Lee Green-Hall.